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In Appreciation.

Speechless Gate.
I can feel your hurt through your words,
Your words you refuse to speak.
I can hear the pain in your words,
Your words you refuse to peep.

These thoughts and emotions unspoken,
Express themselves beautifully on your face.
And I see them and feel them,
And I hope that one day you’ll open the speechless gate.

When you do I’ll be there
And I’ll hear your wonderful voice
And all the people in the world
Will listen to you by choice.

People will knock at your door,
Asking for you to open it with haste.
All because you decided
To open your speechless gate.

The above poem was written by a 15 year old sexual abuse/incest survivor who suffered under the hands of her own father for two years. She is an honor student and is currently receiving counseling from Hope Haven. She wrote this poem during one of her counseling sessions.

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In Appreciation