Safety Tips to Prevent Sexual Assaults


Prevention at Home
·  Deadbolt locks
·  Lock windows
·  List only initials of first name in phone book
·  Record outgoing messages as if others are home
·  Have extra keys around
·  Never open the door for strangers; have service people identify themselves


While Away from Home
·  Take a friend
·  Travel on busy, well-lighted streets
·  Always know the name of the streets where you are and the address of your destination
·  Carry a noise-making device
·  Be aware of surroundings
·  Know where safe places are
·  Avoid stairwells
·  Vary routines
·  Trust your gut
·  Dont accept an open drink or let someone watch your drink for you


Prevention in the Car
·  Park near lights
·  Always lock doors
·  Walk with keys in hand
·  Program 911 in your cell phone
·  In case of breakdown, stay locked in the car


·  Bring attention by screaming, running away, yelling police, etc.

·  Do something to repulse perpetrators, such as vomiting or urinating






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